SteerPro - A Unique Project Management Solution For Your Business!

SteerPro brings you a innovative project management solution with GIS capabilities and Mobile App flexibility.


Project Management

A complete Project Management solution best suited for planning, managing, executing and inspecting the projects. SteerPro gives the organization and project managers full control on the projects.


GIS Analytics

SteerPro is designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present spatial or geographic data. Location-based data, combined with powerful analytics, puts a wealth of information at your fingertips.


Mobile Apps

Being mobile is the need of the hour. With a suite of mobile applications for various stake holders supervisors, inspectors etc in the project management, SteerPro brings you flexibility that mobile apps offer.


Cloud Based Services

SteerPro Cloud is a SAAS offering with which you can avail all the benefits of SteerPro with huge cost savings. With cloud based solution SteerPro offers a flexible, capital expenditure free and secure solution.

Applications for everyone

SteerPro recognizes the value of each individual in an organization and provides a mean by which they can contribute for the overall success of the project.

Project Dashboards

Mobile Apps

Map Layers



Cloud Based

SteerPro - Providing awesomeness in every stage of the project management process

SteerPro provides you with tools in the very state of project management like Initiation, Planning, Design, Execution, Monitoring & Control.


Thematic Maps & Analysis

A thematic map is a map that emphasizes a particular theme or special topic such as the average work completed in a specific area. SteerPro brings you various thematic maps to provide you a visual graphics on various activities going on in your project for a better decision making.


GIS & MIS Reports

All the project reports with a click of a button. SteerPro provides a comprehensive reporting all the aspects of project management. Reports include Expense Reports, Scheduling Reports, Resource Assignment, Project Report etc.